It’s Now or Never – 2017 is here:)

I’m not one for New Years resolutions. I did try it out but would forget about them 3 months into the new year. For some who are lucky and disciplined can get it right and see it through. However for people like me, I guess we just decide to wing it, brave the storm type thing and see what happens. Ideally one would need references; you know tips and steps on how to gain the momentum and courage.

For instance getting books like The Goddess Mojo Bootcamp by Kagiso Msimango will help you trigger that goddess in you. Kagiso Msimango actually runs an academy helping women with personal development. I caught her interview on Real Talk with Anele along with women who testified on this bootcamp. It was quite edifying as these women are not necessarily broken but needed a new method/practice of liberation. You know finding that MOJO and just, exhale!

Then there is Vuyo’s by Miles Kubheka.  While some of us were chuckling over the SAB ad about a Vuyo the big, big dreamer; Miles Kubehka went on to find out how true this story was. He did research and now he is  the real “Vuyo”. This book will inspire and encourage you to get up and realize your business dream. He certainly gives a gratifying sentiment of attainment when reading how he left his blue-collar job for a business that he never had knowledge on. But wait – he made it work and is successful. That is his story, yours is waiting to be heard!

 Pushing Boulders by Athol Williams shares with us how he overcame social stigmas and pressures, how he managed to push aside the boulders that blocked his path to success.  It tells a powerful and inspirational story of a young man from Mitchell’s Plain, born in an old police station during apartheid. Williams’ story will undoubtedly give you the drive to pursue the outrageous dream people tell you it’s not possible. Nothing is impossible.

And lastly, Mzansi Zen by Antony Osler. Now i’m no Buddhist follower but this viewpoint that maybe 2017 is not about asking why anymore, the question should rather be how can I help! *LightBulbMoment*. Mzansi Zen will encourage you to find meaning in this chaotic life we live in. It challenges you to think what is the good and bad of everyday life in South Africa.

Happy 2017 everyone. We all have our own path to follow but should you need a little bit of a nudge to get started, these titles will definitely assist in finding your true self.

All the best


Oh yes of course our supplier has all 4 of these books. We will deliver it to you in 5-10 days unfortunately but it will be worth the wait.

  1. The Goddess Mojo Bootcamp by Kagiso Msimanga – R175
  2. Vuyo’s: From a Big Dreamer to living the Dream by Miles Kubheka – R135
  3. Pushing Boulders by Athol Williams – R240 and
  4. Mzansi Zen by Antony Osler – R215

All African Books team:)