All African Books – Online Book Store Launches


All African Books – South African Online Book Store Launches

Cape Town, 29 Nov 2016 – We are excited to announce the launch of our online bookstore, All African Books. An independent online bookstore in Cape Town, South Africa selling to a niche market interested in African Literature. We will be opening our “doors” on Thursday, December 01, 2016.

We opted to go online for the convenience of the contemporary shopper but mainly to reach an expanding community of readers and authors living in the new post-colonial era. A community that is calling to celebrate authors writing about or set in Africa. The new contemporary African Literature reader from what we researched, are thirsty for stories that they can relate to and stories that they are familiar with.

Whilst the gap in the market is glaring, after gathering information on this topic and learning the trade, we recognize that there is indeed a whole lot of work that still needs to be done. Recently there was a hullabaloo that emerged on social media about a similar book store in Kenya accused of being ‘racist’ by only selling African books.

“Honestly, when the idea first came to me, I wanted a bookstore for a reader of whatever race, who like me want to go into a shop that has a huge variety of African book titles. I never anticipated that when I mentioned African book store, I was being selective on the race,’’ admits co-owner, Angy Webster.

She adds, “First mission is to entice self-published authors to see this as another useful platform to sell their books and second to sell stories that can have some kind of relation with the reader. Selling will sustain the business but more than anything, my book store has to be an outlet to open conversations around the Independence of African Literature.”

Our book store is meant to carry books written not only by South Africans, not only Black South Africans but for all races living in East, West, North and South Africa. Our aim is to reach readers, authors, and publishers in South Africa and beyond its borders. Also, to entice a community who would not necessarily have a book written by an African author as his or her first choice.

We are starting very small, receiving our inventory from major publishing companies in South Africa. We are desperately thankful for their open communicative lines.  Our selection is based mostly on what we have researched from readers likes and preferences. We have categories of both non-fiction and fiction featuring renowned investigative journalists, thought-leaders, and politicians as well as modern fiction authors.

To take a look at our selection, please visit us here:

We can be found also on the social media networks as @AllAfricanBooks.