13 Most Popular Christmas Gifts For Book Lovers, That Aren’t books

Oh but I can be fussy over anything, hey! Choosing a simple meal or an outfit is a struggle. What’s even worse is having to choose a gift whether for myself or for my friends and family.

The problem is that I never have an idea of what I want or what to get. However, for this year’s holiday season of giving and receiving gifts, I decided to shift my perspective and see things from a fresh point of view.

I browsed Google, Pinterest, and other websites for Christmas gift ideas. After being on the net for ages I narrowed my search down to, “Most popular Christmas gifts for book lovers, that aren’t books.”

And yep, you’ve guessed it, I found things that I didn’t know I needed. Thanks to my family and friends I have an updated workspace. My literary office gifts included a collapsible laptop stand, a desktop bookshelf, and a wireless keyboard.

Perhaps you are also struggling to find the perfect gift and in need of some ideas. What if I told you there are plenty of other gifts out there that are perfect for your book-loving friend? Here are 13 Christmas gifts for book lovers that aren’t books!

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Let’s start with the obvious but awesome Gifts

1. A Literary Tote Bag

Bookworms can never have too many tote bags. They’re super-light and easy to pack, the perfect size to carry a few essentials when attending book festivals, book clubs or even going to the beach. This one from Cotton On comes with a side pocket as a drink bottle holder and can fit your laptop case too!

Shop: Literary Tote Bag

2. Reading Journal

If you like having a place to note all the books you have read and books you want to read, a reading journal is a great gift.

The other day I went book shopping with my three-year-old at Bargain Books, Cavendish Mall. While browsing, I noticed Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta. I had completely forgotten that I read this awesome book many years ago.

Am I the only one battling with this? You know the many times you forget the title of a book you loved and then must try to find books again from a vague description? And that’s why we need a reading journal or a reading tracker!

You can get a reading journal from Balakudu online. The journal is separated into 12 months and allows the reader to list all the books they have read each month as well as write down their review of each book.

Shop: Reading Journal

3. Rechargeable Reading Lights

With SA’s electricity crisis, rechargeable LED reading lights are a no-brainer. A Tiny Book Light from Wordsworth is the trimmest and easiest way to light up your page. According to the website, you just clip it onto the back cover of your book, and come fitted with batteries.

Then there’s the LED Neck Bendable Reading Light.

This won’t work for me; I don’t like things around my neck, but this light is ideal for several applications. This light is not just for bedtime bookworms. You can also use it for knitting, repair, or maintenance work. You can also use it while out for a night-time run and it is perfect to take camping, to name but a few. And available in three vibrant colours.

Shop: Rechargeable Reading Lights

4. Functional Book Sleeve

Book sleeves are most useful when between home and on trips. They’re slim and lightweight enough to toss your book along with the rest of your belongings basically anywhere. Check this one from Fruggo online, The Moon and Star Book Sleeve.

It is made with cotton canvas/polyester material and features a smooth zippered closure for added protection. The moon and star sleeve protect your book from dust and the cover from tearing, splashes, rain, and wet hands.

Shop Book Sleeve 

5. Bookshop Gift Card

Make a reader’s day with the perfect present. Send them an eGift for the amount of your choice or buy a Digital Card at a retailer near you for a gift amount or an audiobook subscription.

Shop Gift Card

Literary Home and Office Gifts

6. Wooden charging station and nightstand organiser

This accessory could be great as a Father’s Day or birthday gift for your dad/partner. Mantality online calls it the Man Stab Organiser & Charging Station. A Cape Town hand-made wooden docking station to use at the home office or as a desktop organiser. Your dad/partner can use it as a place to keep and charge their cell phone, a place to hang reading glasses, and house keys.

Shop: Wooden Charging Station

7. Portable Wooden Book Rack Tablet Stand Bookstand for Reading

These are great as a reading bookshelf and tablet support and feature four adjustable reading positions. They’re light and foldable, perfect fit in a backpack to use at a library or office.

Shop: Wooden Book Rack Stand

8. Desktop Bookshelf Organiser

This is one of my fav gifts I got for my birthday/Christmas present. My husband’s hobby is DIY woodworking projects. So he did not hesitate when I showed him what I wanted for my birthday present. It only took him two days to buy the wood and assemble it. What’s left is deciding on which colour to paint it.

This organiser helped me save some space on my desk but also makes a great accessory. We got the dimensions from the one at Amazon. It is easy to assemble and adjustable. It can be used in your office, kitchen, or bedroom to display books, ornaments, potted plants, and other stationery.

Shop: Desktop Bookshelf Organiser

9. Floating bookshelves (with LED Lights)

A perfect housewarming gift for a book reader to show off all their treasured book titles. Floating shelves can be a nice storage space to organise items such as vases, candles, and so on. LED strips are becoming quite the popular trend due to their efficiency and ease of installation however, the correct installation will require an electrician. The lights on shelves can be used to showcase your favourite books, artwork, or other objects.

Shop: Floating Bookshelf 

10. Multi-purpose Bathtub tray caddy with a Reading Stand

Uhm so I’m not sure about this one. Every search I made; this caddy came up. The other day (for the first time in ages) I had three hours to myself. While on my (DIY) spa treatment, I thought perhaps a bathtub tray caddy would’ve been ideal. I would light up my scented Candles, bubbles in the bath, and in my champers glass, with a book to read.

According to Reliable Online Store, their bathtub tray is waterproof, sturdy, and durable. It is equipped with a rustproof metal reading rack that holds tablets and books safely. It includes a cell phone tray and wine glass holder. The caddy sounds perfect and excellent gift idea.

Shop: Bathtub Tray Caddy

Now on the Pricey Side..

11. Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

This is an option for the e-book reader. Kindle has no glare and a built-in light feature for night-time reads. The nice thing about the Kindle is that you can read in the pool or bathtub. Water is no longer an issue.

Shop: Kindle  

12. Creative Writing MasterClass

I’ve signed up for three classes at Udemy online. They are totally affordable and flexible. This course is for anyone who wants to write, who has stories to tell, and looking to learn the process, tips, and rules of creative writing. The great thing about this course is that you do not need any writing experience but should at least have an interest in writing anything from short stories, to essays, and fiction novels.

Shop Creative Writing Class

13. Writing retreat

Ok! Ok! This is more on the expensive side, but it is worth the money. Most writing retreats are in awe-inspiring locations offering a combination of workshops and interaction with a small writers’ group.

There are many types of writing retreats. Some are focused on offering writing time alone so that you can unlock your creative thinking while others are structured more like a class with guidance from instructors.

There is one coming up hosted by Sarah Bullen in Cape Town. Sarah Bullen is the founder of The Writing Room and Kent Literary. She is a multi-published author, international writing coach, and literary agent and has mentored over 2,000 authors around the world through her masterclasses, mentorships, and events.

On her website, The Writing Room you’ll find the current list of upcoming retreats in special locations.

Shop Writing Retreat

And there you have it! 13 Popular Christmas Gifts for Book Readers. Try mixing it up this year with one of our other Christmas gift ideas for book lovers. Your mooching reader will be forever grateful if not, get them a book.

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Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas my Bookish Friends.