Patricia Pascoal

Ms Patricia Pascoal was born in Luanda 5 April 1984, she spent most of her childhood in London where she currently lives. She is an Interior Designer by profession and author who established a reputation for creating recipes literature of Angola. The purpose behind her work is to share and celebrate the Angolan Culture in her Books.
Ms Pascoal’s first degree was in art media extended degree. Once completed she entered into the field of Interior Design BA (Hon). She created her first book on 17th December 2011 called Angolan African Recipes Cuisine. The author ambition has come from the influence in the field of design as well as divine inspiration. This new career path as an author has enabled her to use some of the influences of design with its delicate and aesthetic approach in this new book Feliz Angola Recipe Book.
The approach, Ms Pascoal explains is more sensitive and personal to her as it is the birth place, in which is the very reason she has started producing literature such as her first book and now her second and who knows when it will be the end of the literature, only time will tell.

Books by Patricia Pascoal