3 Surprisingly Effortless Ways Proving You Are A Writer At Heart

Ever imagined yourself being a writer? Here are 3 habits that will convince you.

Writing is a creative and very personal process and from what I have gathered each writer has a unique personality and writing style. Let us first start with understanding what writing is. The dictionary explains that writing is the activity or occupation of composing text for publication.

It can be concluded that the definition of writing is the process of inventing ideas, thinking about how to express them, and organizing them into statements and paragraphs which the purpose is used to communicate something with other people indirectly – http://eprints.umpo.ac.id/4675/1/chap%202.pdf

I recently investigated whether I am a writer and if am, what type of writer I am. These are some of the questions I came across:

Are you passionate about writing?

Being passionate about writing could be a sign that you are a writer at heart. Growing up and for as long as I can remember, I loved reading and writing. Mom says I would use anything as a writing board including our outdoor concrete wall. I kept a daily diary and journaled everything. I would also write about my hopes and dreams. To this day, I have a journal where I write anything that comes to mind. I have always been fascinated with stories and the power of words. I love writing because it brings out my creative side and allows me to share my thoughts and ideas with others.


Do you constantly fantasize and daydream about things?

Yes, all the time. I have a vivid imagination.  My mind is constantly transporting me to other worlds. I could be sitting around the dinner table with friends and my mind would just run off. I can see characters in my head, and it’s like watching a movie or reading a book. It’s fun to let your mind go there for a while and just enjoy yourself. Apparently, that is an attribute to being a good writer i.e., being imaginative.

Is reading your hobby?

From what I have researched, reading goes hand in hand with writing and is an important quality for a writer. I believe that there are two main reasons why people read. The first is for pleasure and entertainment, to escape reality and get lost in a good story. The second reason is for information and learning so that we can better ourselves and the world around us. A writer needs both qualities in order to be successful.


It can be difficult to put your thoughts and feelings on paper for others to see but it is important that we do it. You and I need to step out of our comfort zone. We need to find our passion, start writing and continue until we are satisfied with the results.  We need to improve and make it a habit because one day you will find yourself writing something that will change the world. Most of all we should enjoy and have fun while doing it!

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