How reading is helping me survive my pregnacy woes


Being forced to take 26 weeks off from work to be at home during my pregnancy has been difficult. My plan was to focus on mommy things like cooking and meal prepping, sewing, doing laundry, and all the other fun homemaking tasks, but when my morning sickness kicked in full force, my plans changed. I’ve spent so many hours lying on the couch with very little energy due to an intense pain in my lower back that I had to find something else to do than sit around watching tv or browsing Instagram. Reading has been my life saver since day one of this process.


Mhudi by Sol Plaatjie

A wonderful book that was first published in 1940. It is an epic story of love, courage, determination, and the ability to face your innermost fears. This is a book that I would recommend to any young man who is just beginning to understand himself, his family, and those around him. It has many lessons of life that we can all relate to

The Gold Diggers by Sue Nyathi

Sue Nyathi’s recently launched her book, The Gold Diggers. I was certainly not expecting to read quite a sad story. Sad is not the right word, unfortunate maybe? I have friends who are from Zim, Ghana, and Nigeria. As I was reading The Gold Diggers I realized the contrast between my friends from Zim and the people I was reading about. Yes sure, my friends’ families came here way before Zim fell but still, I could not fathom any of them having to cross the crocodile-filled river seeking refuge and work in SA. All the characters that Nyathi narrated in this book, is someone’s story. The last part of the book was even sadder (for me), it just tore my heart. If only books like The Gold Diggers would stir enough emotion to change perceptions and the nonchalant attitude towards our brethren. Thank you, Sue, for writing these stories!

The Hairdresser of Harare  – Tendai Huchu

This book is amazing! It’s a really well-written story of a young hairdresser who is gay and falls in love with his friend. I know many people who have gone through similar experiences and it really hits home. It’s very interesting to see how others handle things differently from how I would handle them. It is important that children are taught that it’s okay to be different as well as accepted for who they are – no matter their sexuality! We still have a long way to go but things are getting better, there is hope in humanity!!

I’m about to start Vusi Thembekwayo new release, Vusi – Business & Life Lessons From a Black Dragon. It is apparently a well written and inspiring great book.


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