The Madams by Zukiswa Wanner


The first thing that catches your eye when buying a book is obviously the cover, right? Correct! A few years ago while visiting a local bookstore, I walk past a book titled The Madams with the ‘A wildly provocative novel’ below the title.  With this, I think mmmm an erotic, naughty kind of story. Turning the book to read the blurb, I realize I was duped! Joke on me and my filthy mind – sies on you Angy! In my defense the book cover is suggestive. Nevertheless, I left with the book since I had never read a book by Zukiswa Wanner.

The Madams is about three girlfriends (the madams) and aren’t brothel madams as I thought. They are what one can imagine how rich wives live in the Joburg suburbs. All three have demanding schedules of being superwomen at work and at home. Thandi, the narrator of this story is the only one who does not have a maid to assist with pressures at home.

She gives in and decides to hire a maid – a white maid. Thandi found her maid, Marita at a halfway house for reformed convicts. She hires specifically a white lady to unnerve her white friend Lauren. This would later cause friction between the three friends.

The white domestic is not necessarily the gist of the story but more on the familiar stories. The abusive husband, the husband who cheats because his independent wife does not give him enough attention and that husband who will cheat even after his wife accepts his other children and their mothers.

The Madams is a surprisingly comical and well-written story. It was published in 2006 by Oshun and me being nice, I have this copy as a second-hand. Here is the link: The Madams – Zukiswa Wanner.  I recently saw on I think Facebook that there’ll be a relaunch of the book with the new cover by April 25th, 2018.

I am looking forward to reading Zukiswa Wanner‘s new book, Hardly Working: A travel memoir of Sorts published by BlackLetter Media


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