And We Are Open!

We made it finally, we are open for business.

This was a long but exciting journey for me personally. Any one who knows me can testify on the love I have for books, so in essence this book store is more a passion of mine. Cannot remember when this literary bug hit me but I have memories of myself crying while my mother was reading Cinderella to me, and cried more to all other fairy-tale stories. In primary school, reading period was my favourite but again I remember after our teacher read The Witches by Roald Dahl, I swore I had seen witches circling around the girls toilets, with long black hats, riding on their sticks. Mother said it was all in my mind, I had let my imagination run away with me but it was too real for me. And this is something I still do, every time I read a book, I find myself being part of the story, or swear that the writer was thinking about me when she/he was writing the book, I do hate it when a  writer leaves me hanging, I want more!

I’m not going to lie, starting this project was quite exciting especially when my husband pushed me to go for it. Alone I could still be fantasizing about it.I thought it would be a walk in a park but learning the trade, learning what it takes to arrange this into something viable, that took some doing. However it opened me to another world that I was naive or oblivious too. That on it’s on revved me on to continue with the project. African Literature is there, it is available. If we dig hard enough it will show up and I’m so happy and excited that we are seeing more and more writers – it’s just an avalanche of beautiful creative minds out there and we All African Books want be part of the circle that campaign for, champion for, holds a banner high up so more people can know about our authors.

We do not have a vast selection at the moment, we are starting really small hoping to grow into a bigger platform for many,especially Independent Publishers. We are at their service. We are the new kids on the block and have a lot to learn, a lot of new and established authors and readers to reach, one step at a time.

Let’s make reading African Literature fashionable!

Please have a browse if there is a book you could not find please let me know!

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